Congratulations to the winners of the art contest!

Thank you very much to all the participants for their great creativity and for their enthusiasm!

This year, we gathered 91 drawings from 18 different countries! The theme was « The Story of my Skin ».

The jury vote determined the three best average grade per age category.
NB: some drawings were equally ranked, which is why two categories have more than three winners.

3-5 years old

First place: Zannoud Tajeddine – Marocco
Second place: Clover Hicks – The United States of America
Third place: Julita Majda – Poland

6-9 years old

First place: Clarisse Criton – France
Second place: Amélie Varela Sauvestre – France
Third place: Lisa Fusco – France

10-13 years old

First place: Martina Castillo – Argentina
Second place: Lena Majda – Poland
Third place shared: Elisabeth Giehl – Germany
Third place shared: Romain Becchio – France

14-18 years old

First place: Candice Leulier – France
Second place: Léna Mechler – France
third place shared: Violette Malinvaud – france
Third place shared: Kaarthika Devakadadsham – France
third place shared: Alicia Lasaga – france

Over 18 years old

first place: Flavie Falempin – FRANCE
Second place: Mirte Stamkot – The Netherlands
Third place: Esther Visbecq – France