About us

The Rare Skin Diseases Network

The Rare Skin Diseases Network was created in 2003 by the René Touraine Foundation. Its mission is to improve patient care in the field of severe and rare genetic skin diseases at national, European and international level.

Within this network, medical and paramedical teams, patient representatives, researchers, health authorities and industries, work together with a patient-centred approach.

The concrete actions of the Rare Skin Diseases Network are the following:

  • Raising public awareness on rare skin diseases
  • Training of professionals and therapeutic education of patients
  • Participation in the ERN-Skin 

Want to know more? https://www.frt-rareskin.org/

The Fondation René Touraine

The FRT is an international non-governmental and non-profit organization recognized of public utility by the French law. Its main goal is to support therapeutic progress in dermatology in order to help patients suffering from skin diseases all over the world.

To do so, the Fondation has a multidisciplinary approach by gathering at the international level dermatologists, researchers, patient associations, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and Health authorities.

The concrete actions of the Fondation René Touraine are the following: 

  • Allocation of scientific scholarships
  • Development of international networks
  • Organisation of international scientific meetings
  • Training of professionals and therapeutic education of patients 

Want to know more? https://www.fondation-r-touraine.org