The art contest

Since 2015, the Fondation René Touraine’s Rare Skin Diseases Network has been running a drawing competition to raise public awareness of rare skin diseases, allow patients to express themselves and encourage discussion. 

The drawing competition is an international event open to all! Whether you are patient, professional or just curious, skin concerns us all. Everyone can express their feelings about their own skin, the disease and those of others. 

Each year, different themes related to skin and rare diseases are chosen. The theme chosen for this year is « A fleur de peau » / « Sensitive Skin ».

The competition is launched during the Paris Dermatological Day (this year on December 1, 2020) and ends on the occasion of the International Day of Rare Diseases (February 28, 2021).

The jury is composed of patient association representatives, Scientific Committee members of the Rare Skin Diseases Network and interested partners.

Congratulations to the winners of the art contest 2020!

Thank you very much to all the participants for their great creativity and for their enthusiasm!

This year, we gathered 91 drawings from 18 different countries! The theme was « The Story of my Skin ».

The jury vote determined the three best average grade per age category.
NB: some drawings were equally ranked, which is why two categories have more than three winners.

3-5 years old

6-9 years old

10-13 years old

14-18 years old

Over 18 years old

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